Decorative Bowl Set

These bowls are great little birthday gifts and people love them and they are the authentic.

Starting with preparation natural minerals for ceramic mass. Molding and retouch with hand. Then firing process up to about 1796 Fahrenheit.
Handcrafted its unique design on ceramic plate and firing again. Brightly colored ceramic bowls are hand turned and hand painted in traditional designs.
Craftsman meticulously apply colors in traditional patterns and then add a protective, shiny glaze.

These bowls to present guests with tasty serving in fact, several of these bowls would be ideal for presenting meze, a selection of small dishes served with drinks or as an appetizer.
Whether you use this beautiful handcrafted bowl to serve food or simply as a decorative piece on a mantle or coffee table, its classic beauty is sure to draw the attention of guests.

When you buy this product, have a unique bowl set.

Canarels Decorative Bowl Set Multicolor House Decorations – Handcrafted Turkish Ceramic Small Pinch Finger Sauce Dipping Serving Bowls – Coffee Table Decor Home Decorative Accents